Valentines Mystery Box- Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Hi all! I had planned to post this on Valentines day itself, but sometimes sh*t happens.  This post may inform your future decisions when it comes to buying mystery boxes or you may just be curious to see what’s inside. Either way – here goes… I will firstly say that after the drama surrounding the first launch of mystery boxes for Black Friday, which I did not purchase, I didn’t think I would hop on the band-wagon this time around either. Jeffree promised for this Valentines edition that boxes would be pre-packed (even having shown images of the boxes ready-made, and what seemed like they were ready to ship, on his Instagram) I was full of hope and confidence. I just so happened to be online when they launched, so I thought ‘screw it, I’m going to order one!’ Two weeks after the promise of 4-9 days shipping, my box had arrived and these were my findings…


I ordered from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website, which I’ve never done before and apart from the un-expected customs charge of £16, which I’m sorry for being peeved off about but I haven’t ordered  from America before and no-where was it stated, I was also annoyed that it had arrived so late. I was willing to put all of this aside however, as I am such huge fan of the brand, the formulas, the products etc. I ordered the premium box (the smaller size) – it came to £30 plus £10 postage – which is a bloody great deal to be honest if you are indeed a lover and collector of these products and you consider how much you get in here. If you live in America and don’t have to pay a hefty customs charge, it’s probably even more worthwhile, providing the products are up to scratch that is… The boxes sold out almost immediately so if you are interested, you may have to wait a few months for the next themed batch, but the products are available individually both at and if you like what you see here.


 I was so excited to see what I’d got and actually, contrary to many other online un-boxings, I received something totally different to most other people. I understand that the essence of a mystery box means that you don’t know what you’re going to get and so I was expecting some bolder shades but in-fact the majority of this box is totally wearable and suitable for everyday looks. I was shooketh. Many other people were unboxing violet lipsticks, green highlighters and here I was with a bunch of very wearable lip shades and a gorgeous bronze highlight. I thought I’d hit the jackpot….


King Tut Skin Frost– BeautyBay

What I’ll do is I’ll link all of these products as I mention them, on the BeautyBay website, seeing as I’m U.K. based. This is the ‘King Tut’ Skin Frost highlight. It’s a gorgeous icy bronze shade which I do reach for in my 24 Karat  Skin Frost Pro palette- this is just a much bigger version. There was a lot of controversy surrounding this particular product in the pas;- many people had received this pan completely broken and smashed up when it first launched, some still did in this lot of mystery boxes too, which I’m not surprised about seeing as there was no bubblewrap involved here – I think I’m very lucky that mine arrived in one piece. Now, I’m going to be totally honest in this review, as I always am on this blog. This pan, pretty as the powder is, seemed a little flawed- the surface of the powder had a lot of imperfections and I wonder if it was part of a broken batch which had later been re-pressed together? I’ve never owned this particular item individually like this before so I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like, all I know is that if I’m putting something on my face, I want it to be totally new and hygienic, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask.


I have emailed JSC customer service about this query as well as a few other issues I encountered, and I eagerly await their response. If I’m being totally honest I think these individual pans have seemed to be a little on the risky side, also going by the reviews of others, but on a basis of other highlighters from this brand, yes the product (or at least the ones from my mixed palette at home) are top quality, with a stunning metallic formulation and I absolutely would recommend trying out either of the highlight palettes. You’ll get a huge amount of product and a diversity of shade range for a really reasonable price as I’ve had my 24 Karat palette for over a year now and I’m not even close to hitting pan, and yes, I use them every day.


Velour Liquid Lipstick in ‘Posh Spice’– BeautyBay

While this cool-toned nude isn’t a shade I’d naturally go for, it is a pretty nude as far as Jeffree Star lipsticks go. I feel like this will definitely look stunning on paler skin tones, but being olive skinned I fear it may wash my complexion out a little. I’m willing to try it out though. Shade colour aside, I had a particular issue with the formula of this product- it seemed oily inside the tube and applied incredibly patchy after several swatch tests- unfortunately this is a common theme with all 3 of the Velour Liquid Listicks in this box. Just because it’s a mystery box doesn’t mean that it’s okay to throw in old, outdated products which don’t perform to the same level as all my other JSC lipsticks- I was so frustrated! I always rave about these liquid lipsticks, I know what they should look like, I’ve got a nice little collection already, so just wasn’t expecting these dry, inconsistent formulas. I don’t know if anyone else has found this similar issue in their mystery box?

Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade ‘Clout’ – BeautyBay

This metallic lilac shade ‘Clout’ from the Holiday 2018 collection, again although pretty I’m sure when new and fresh, for me swatched totally dry and crumbly. The packaging from this collection is iridescent and beautiful but I need the product inside to match up, and it just didn’t. I’m certain that if you order from BeautyBay you will receive this in excellent condition, with an array of other fantastic metallics to choose from which I’m sure perform as wonderfully as the ones I already have in my collection, but there’s something about the contents of this box that hasn’t hit the mark- quality wise. It’s such a shame because I had such high expectations for this mystery box and if the products had been brand new, it would have been excellent because as I said, they’re all super pretty shades and, customs charge aside, it works out great value for money. I’m sure the shade colours are true to what they should look like, as I’ve shown in my swatches, it’s just these flaws in the formulation that I’m having to whinge about.

Velour Liquid Lipstick in shade ‘Scandal‘- BeautyBay

This is probably my favourite shade from the box; a pretty pink/mauve that I could see myself wearing regularly. Unfortunately I also had patchy formula issues with this shade too, which again, is a huge shame. I’m happy to try it out on my lips and see how it fares because everyone knows I adore the velour formula, but apart from the fact I don’t want to be using a potentially expired product, I’m a paying customer so should be receiving an item in perfect condition. I’m curious to see how the brand’s customer service look to rectify this issue for me – hopefully with understanding.


Lip Ammunition– BeautyBay

The last product- the Lip Ammunition in the shade ‘Ex-Supermodel’ was also, in essence, as really really lovely product. I can’t find it to link it, so I’ve linked other options. The shade is a very feminine true pink with somewhat of a mauve undertone and I will say that I really like the formula of this. I’ve never tried or used the Lip Ammunitions before, because I prefer a dry, matte finish to a creamier one, but for someone who likes a crème/sheen/sateen finish these would probably be a dream. My mum loved the look and colour of this, and she much prefers this kind of formulation over a matte any day, so I guess this has swayed me to try out some of these for sure! I had a little trouble wiping this off- it left a bit of stain on my hand, but again, it may be from an older batch. I’ll say that I probably will be trying out more of these in the future because this one tricky experience has not tainted my view of the brand, I can just hope that it won’t happen again.


The pop socket really doesn’t mean anything to me- I’m here for the beauty. You’ll be shocked to hear that I don’t think this box was a total disaster, as long as customer service work to resolve the issues I’ve had, because you really do get a lot of product in here and the concept is so great. I think in the future JSC needs to place much more of an emphasis on product quality for these, because while we know it is a mystery box, quality should not be compromised- ever. I don’t mind receiving weird shades, but I do mind if my products arrive in questionable condition- like many of these have. You’d be getting an incredible deal if these were up to scratch – like all my other Jeffree Star Cosmetics items. It seems to have been a testing week for Jeffree Star on my blog, but while I’ve vowed to always be honest I will also continue to support brands I truly believe in-  like this one – maybe won’t be investing in another mystery box for a while though? I thought previous issues had been resolved in regards to these mystery boxes and my trust in the quality of everything I already own perhaps took over when ordering this but I genuinely hope that if/when these are improved they also become available on BeautyBay for all of us in the U.K too.

If you have purchased one of the mystery boxes and have either loved it or been disappointed by it, then let me know your thoughts, either below in the comments or over on Insta !



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