Morphe x Jeffree Star- My Thoughts

Jeffree Star recently released a 7 piece brush set, along with a pack of 3 separate beauty sponges in collaboration with Morphe on the 5th of February. It’s not un-common for controversy to follow Jeffree, as is true with most things he does, but I always try to separate brand rumour and media controversy with the products themselves, however, in this case, I physically could not endorse this product, even if I wanted to. We all know that I’m a big fan of his brand and the products – I talk about them here all the time and this post is in no way intended to discredit him personally or his brand, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. These are simply my honest, initial reactions to the collaboration and a little overview of why I won’t be investing in this particular collection.

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The brushes have now sold out, (if you are interested I’m sure there’ll be more info on their site) but I really don’t want to promote the products themselves too much because I would’t personally purchase them myself. I have always been totally honest on this blog and won’t change that now, I feel that transparency is everything in the current climate – especially in the beauty/ blogging industry. The reason I’m so surprised and am taking such a definitive stance on this collection is mainly because: 3 BRUSHES IN THIS SET ARE MADE OF ‘HAIR’! While it’s not totally clear what type of hair this is – Jeffree did not specify this in the release video – chances are highly likely it’s animal hair, as many other Morphe brushes unfortunately are. Everyone knows I’m totally against the use or harm of animals for cosmetic purposes, and while we must point out that this is not a collaboration with Jeffree Star Cosmetics- his totally cruelty-free & vegan brand– it’s a collaboration with Morphe and Jeffree himself. I’m just slightly surprised that he made such a bold move considering his brand’s strong stance on animal testing. We all know there are countless incredible synthetic brush alternatives and I’m pretty sure that one of the of the biggest selling points of his brand is that it doesn’t test on or use animals in it’s products in any way, and this is what most people want these days – conscious cosmetics. We also know that Jeffree is not a cruelty-free consumer personally, even though his brand is, so perhaps this collaboration was more-so a reflection of his own personal tastes?

When I initially watched the release video on his YouTube channel, (I’ll link it here) I was not surprised to see hundreds of devoted customers, followers and subscribers commenting, sharing the same confusion and disappointment as I was – regarding the animal hair brushes. On the other hand, there seemed to be an equal amount of people who were happy to see and invest in the collaboration too, not everyone shops cruelty-free and I understand that. The entire brush set retails for $49, the set of sponges for $15 or all individually at various prices. While some people may be happy just purchasing various synthetic items for the collection, I simply cannot get on board with this. The price is not the issue for me as I am happy to pay for quality, but more-so the fact that animals have probably been harmed in the making of these ‘perfectly’ pink pouches. I know that some members of the beauty community are real Morphe fans, and I will say that I spent a fair bit of money on a large vegan brush set of theirs- when they were still available at BeautyBay, but there’s just no way that this collection entices me in any way. I’m also not a huge fan the mixtures of these tones of pinks, the handles of the brushes themselves or the materials used in general; the collection has apparently been in the works for 3 or so years and this final product range just doesn’t seem thought-out enough for me. I will say however, that the imagery for the campaign is stunning and creatively hits the mark but I’m sorry to say that the brushes unfortunately aren’t for me this time.

Going back to the point of ‘conscious cosmetics,’ there also seems to be a hell of a lot of plastic here. I understand that sometimes it is inevitable because of costing, hygiene etc. but for aesthetic purposes it’s totally un-neccesary. I want to see more brands of all kinds using paper or bio-degradable alternatives now. I’m aware that most brands are dowsed in the stuff but small steps can lead to great change. Asos have just added an entire collection biodegradable homeware products by the sustainable brand Zuperzozial, to their site- I’ll link it here – more of this please! The make-up case that the brush set comes in could have easily been made of something a little more sustainable; canvas? Cotton? Lycra? – I don’t know?! There are people who know more about this than me, but moving forward, I’d just like to see a bit more of a conscientious stance held by brands- from the larger to the smaller, more independent ones. It’s time for brands to start reacting to the wider needs of the planet as well as it’s consumers.

Does any of this mean that I will stop buying from Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Of course not! Their liquid lipsticks and highlighters remain to be some of the absolute best on the market and I am happy to continue supporting his cruelty-free brand. I’ve always praised Jeffree’s creative efforts and I always go on about the quality of JSC products, along with the originality of concepts, packaging, marketing etc. but I will re-iterate again, that this is not his brand but a personal collaboration of his with Morphe. I did order one of the JSC Valentines mystery boxes, which I am still waiting for, but you can expect an un-boxing for that later this week – hopefully I’ll get some nice, wearable products in there?!

Let me know what you guys think about this collection; would you buy it? Would you only buy the synthetic items? I’m very curious to know…


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