Beauty Wishlist: Vegan Edition

Just because the craze of veganism for ‘Veganuary’ may be coming to an end for some, this doesn’t mean that all long-time true vegans as well as beauty enthusiasts of all kinds, can’t celebrate gorgeous cruelty-free and vegan products all the year though! The above products are all totally vegan and cruelty-free. As I’ve said before, even though some products are marked ‘cruelty-free,’ this does not necessarily mean they are, in fact, free from animal by-products. Only unless they’re labelled vegan AND cruelty-free, does it mean that they are definitely both vegan AND cruelty-free.


1.Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay– BeautyBay, 2. Dose Of Colours Classic Lip Gloss– BeautyBay, 3.Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshaow in Flamepoint– Beautybay, 4. E.l.f Poreless Putty Primer– E.l.f Cosmetics, 5. Ofra Cosmetics On The Glow Palette– BeautyBay, 6. Miss Patisserie Miami Bath Ball– SkinnyDip, 7. Maui Moisture Revive & Hydrate Shea Butter Mask– Boots, 8. RA10 Rain Glow Brush– Spectrum Collections, 9. Juvia’s Place The Duce Palette– BeautyBay, 10. Nails Inc Nailpure Professional Shopper Nail Polish– SkinnyDip, 11. Detox Dust-Natural Charcoal & Clay Mask– BYBI, 12. Babe Balm- Natural Beauty Balm– BYBI. 

This is just a little round up of, what I’ve researched to be, top notch vegan goodness for your face and body! There are so many products on this list that I would buy tomorrow, given the chance (and the funds) but as I always say, this is just the result of my research- there is an absolute world out there to be discovered. Having said that, these are brands I’ve either heard to be highly recommended, or ones that I’ve come across and am so eager to delve deeper- especially into that pot of Maui Moisture…. Some of these products I pulled from the new Boots ‘vegan’ page, while others from BeautyBay’s and some quirkier options from the SkinnyDip site. *Take care while browsing on the Boots vegan page, as I’ve noticed some of the products are labelled ‘vegan,’ but I’m certain are not cruelty-free- like Garnier. Garnier are DEFINITELY. NOT. CRUELTY-FREE- they claim to have ‘vegan formulas’ but definitely test on animals, so in truth are absolutely not ‘vegan friendly.’ Be smart with your purchasing- read labels and do your research.

Nails Inc. have some of the absolute best nail polishes I’ve ever used and I’ve just discovered that they are cruelty-free with lots of vegan formulas- readily available in so many drug stores- this a super easy way to kick off converting to cruelty-free. I’m also particularly curious to try a few thing from the Miss Patisserie bath range, which I originally discovered on the SkinnyDip site. They’ve got lots of lovely coloured bath bits, but will they rival Lush? Or will I love them more?! At similar prices to Lush, I’d be very curious to compare the two…

 The green bath bomb featured in my main image is the Miss Patisserie Miami Bath Ball, Above Left: Moon Dust Bath Crumble , Above Right: Ziggy Bath Ball .Images are from the SkinnyDip site.

One product that we have to address immediately is the sold-out, I’m-on-the-waiting-list-for-ya, E.l.f Putty Primer. There’s no surprise that this has sold out Stateside and U.K.-wide after it was reviewed and Jeffree Star approved by the man himself- in comparison to a $52 Tatcha equivalent. I am so curious to try this; 1. because I really am in the market for a nice new primer and 2. I really want to know if it lives up to the huge amount of hype surrounding it.

Get on the waiting list for the e.l.f Poreless Putty Primer. Images from the E.l.f site

I’ve heard really great things about Juvia’s Place palettes, great pigment, gorgeous compact palettes at an even better price point- definitely on my wishlist. I particularly like the mix of nude and neon shades in this Douce palette- it seems like a great, compact palette and I’ve heard the pan size is pretty epic too, so you’ll be getting good bang for your buck. Secondly from BeautyBay is the huge Ofra ‘On The Glow’ blush/bronzer/highlight palette; after having tried, loved and now use their Rodeo Drive Highlight on an everyday basis. This palette looks like some kind of contour-while-you-blush utopian, iridescent, glowy dream of an all-in-one, and for £110, I’d expect it to be nothing less. I can imagine this being spectacular for holiday packing and holiday glowing. Another product I’ve heard rave reviews about, particularly for sensitive skin and acne sufferers actually,  is the Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay. From the packaging to the formula, it’s all so appealing to me! It is a little pricy, but I would definitely consider buying it if I either 1. had a pay rise or 2. got it on promotion, as it is a little on the pricy side. I am however, willing to pay for quality, so if I find it works well on my skin, I could happily re-purchase it at £26. They also have the Sand & Sky ‘Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask’ on BeautyBay- with huge amounts of positive reviews- again, pricey, but apparently worth it?!

Above Left: Australian Pink Clay, Above Right: Brilliant Skin Purifying Pink Clay Mask. Images from the BeautyBay site.

This is just me bringing a few more ethically conscious brands and products to your attention. As always, PLEASE send me recommendations for any gorgeous cruelty-free or vegan products/brands that you think I may like or that you would like me to review here, either down below in the comments or over on my Insta- I’ve got a very exciting little mystery box coming up soon, from a vegan &cruelty-free brand………..yes, if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know.


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