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Tapping away intently at my keyboard with these acrylic nails like that one annoying girl everyone has in their office, just to get this post up before midnight because it seems more in keeping to post content featuring Christmas products before Christmas rather than once it’s is over, even though I’m sure these will be available again next year. Lush is and always has been one of my very favourite cruelty-free brands. I enjoy their product performance, concepts and always praise their ethics as a global brand. Although it can sometimes be difficult to get into that Christmas spirit, as I’ve talked about previously, it doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a little festive novelty.


I picked up one of their OG products- the Magic Wand reusable bubble bar. I think this is an incredible alternative to bubble bath in a plastic bottle but also makes for a really cool gift idea for kids or even certain 23 year old blog-writing women who just cave at the sight of anything pink or sparkly. Last year I purchased the cinnamon version which was amazing, but it seems that it hadn’t been re-released this year. This one has a very sweet, candy-like scent similar to that of Snow Fairy- one of Lush’s most popular scents. I do believe that re-usable products like this should be the way forward- I would absolutely love to see brands other than Lush trying out concepts like this or if you happen to know of any smaller/ independent brands who create cool products whist also placing emphasis on the conservation of the planet then of course let me know in the comments or via DM on instagram!


Another product which has been part of Lush’s Christmas collection, and the one which I have been most excited about is this amazonian sized bottle of their Sleepy shower gel. I read on their Instagram that it would be limited for the holiday season so I headed into store to pick up this huge bottle because I loved the scent of the Sleepy moisturiser so much. I was then quietly prompted by an employee that it would be staying all year round but I was confident in my choice of the 520g bottle because I could just imagine using it in combination with my Twilight body spray which I use on my pillow at night, for the ultimate lavender, sweet tonka relaxation experience.


The two bath bombs I picked up were The Experimenter and the new Goddess bomb. I’m pretty sure I’ve used their colourful cult-classic Experimenter before but am quite looking forward to a rainbow-toned bath and was totally captured by the smell of Goddess after seeing it promoted on Instagram- this seems a common theme…do I spend too much time on Lush’s Instagram? Ah who cares, there are worse vices to have! One of the ingredients of Goddess is jasmine, a scent that I absolutely adore and it really feels like a scent combination I’ve never smelt in a bomb at Lush. I really love the shape and colours of Goddess too and I also love the idea that it could have been inspired by some divine feminine energy- just what this world needs more of. Lush could have made this even more special by donating a percentage of profits from this product to certain or a specific women’s charity- especially at this time of year it’s so important for bigger brands to show further connection and intention to improving society- maybe a future idea?



I hope you’ve enjoyed my little Lush haul and in the spirit of giving I’ve just posted a lovely cruelty-free giveaway worth £70 on my Instagram page ( filled with some gorgeous products- all tried and approved by yours truly! The winner will be announced on New Year’s Eve, so stay tuned…


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  1. Adell Baker

    The twilight body spray and the Sleepy Shower Gel smell divine! Hopefully they are still available in store as these sounds so relaxing and cosy for a chill night in. I haven’t used many of there other products aside from shampoos so I’m curious to see what a body spray and shower gel are like!

    – Adell ♥
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