Gift Guide: Sustainable Ideas

Following on from recent Christmas-themed posts I’ve created a gift guide which I’m super proud to put out! As I’ve said before, most of us will definitely be buying gifts however we choose to celebrate the festive season (and even if you don’t celebrate, these are amazing birthday git ideas) so I’d love to give you great either cruelty-free or eco-friendly alternatives which make for lovely gifts and don’t compromise on quality, whilst taking the future of our planet into consideration.

All items are linked below!


1. A5 Stars & Constellations 2019 Diary– Nikki Strange, 2. Charcoal Facial Sponge– EcoTools, 3. 360 Ultimate Blend Brushes– EcoTools, 4. Rose Jam Bubbleroon– Lush, 5. Godiva Shampoo Bar– Lush, 6. Pastel Pink Water Bottle– Chilly’s, 7. Turquoise Biodegradable Glitter– EcoStardust, 8. 12oz. Reusable Coffee Cup– Ecoffeecup, 9. Snow Fairy Solid Highlighter– Lush, 10. Coconut Soap– Faith In Nature, 11. Lightning Bolt Canvas Shopper– Oliver Bonas. 

I think it’s also completely imperative to remember that you should only give gifts if you: 1. actually want to and 2. can afford to. Far too many people find themselves feeling like they should give a person something because that’s what society has told us to do or because they gave you something last year, and that’s so wrong! Do what’s right for you! Some can also find themselves in debt because they have spent beyond their means trying to please family and friends or simply because they got so caught up in it all- bigger is not always better. 

I’d also like to stress the point that there are so many other gifts you can give if you want to keep sustainability in mind; using sites like NotOnTheHighstreet and Etsy to find handmade, one-off or vintage pieces is always such a good idea, or even hand-making something yourself- I honestly love nothing more than receiving a hand-written letter/ card from someone or little painting from one of my nieces or nephews. You can also discover unique and rare finds in antique or charity shops that can be scrubbed up with a little soapy water. It’s always the thought that counts.

I will quickly add that I have purchased both the Chilly’s water bottle (keeps water cold for 24 hours!) as well as the ECoffee cup for myself and would highly recommend them both, as well as the Lush solid shampoo which I use regularly and the EcoStardust glitter which I tried out for Halloween- all great products and brands to support!



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