Why Cruelty-Free?

You may be thinking to yourself why cruelty-free? Or perhaps wondering what all the fuss is about; it’s pretty simple actually: we need to start owning our consumerism. It’s a bare-faced fact that a lot of people have absolutely no idea of the process their big brand foundation or shower gel has undergone before sitting by that steamed up bathroom mirror on a shelf with all it’s other toiletry mates. Here’s the truth: the vast majority of big, mainstream brands that we find in our supermarkets and drugstores, which we pick up purely for convenience and out of knowing no better, have been tested in the most inhumane and brutal ways on animals before being declared safe for us to use. It just seems a little (very) pitiful that sweet animals are being tested upon in the most dire of conditions so that we can smell a little fresher- but this is where my issue lies. There are now so many incredible brands offering cosmetics of great, if not better in quality than those we’ve all become so accustomed to reaching for and if they can create amazing, safe products without having involved the poor animals then why can those other big brands and step up too? There’s just no excuse anymore!

I suppose it comes down to how much we love and respect the lives of animals, I just feel that as a nation of animal lovers we should be far more conscious about this because, newsflash: you don’t have to be vegan to buy cruelty-free/ vegan cosmetics! I’m not vegan even though I have vastly reduced my consumption of meat to an almost vegetarian diet in recent times and whilst the vegan debate is one of great complexity I do believe that we should all be more conscious in every aspect of consumption. I think we can all absolutely accept that the suffering of animals for cosmetic purposes is totally unnecessary. Most people probably feel they’re not ready or don’t actually want to take the quite drastic lifestyle change of eliminating all animal products from their diets and it’s of course a free world where we should respect the choices of individuals but, by simply switching out your big-brand toiletry cupboard for kinder, cruelty-free alternatives proves that we can eliminate the suffering of animals from at least one field- no pun intended.

Switch to cruelty-free in 3 simple steps- it’s a super simple, easy change that has the potential to affect wider positive change in this old world…

1. Do a little research

It’s important to point out that not all cruelty-free brands are also vegan, so do your research carefully, it depends what YOU want from your products. A great website full of info is Cruelty Free Kitty or alternately the ‘living’ section of the PETA website. If you’re in the market for makeup products it’s always a good idea to head into stores like Superdrug, Boots or Debenhams where you can actually swatch and test out new items rather than taking the risk of ordering a new foundation shade online- don’t do it! To get informed about product quality I would always recommend reading reviews across various websites or blogs before you buy.

2. Make the switch

Once you’ve gathered your research/ list of items, it’s so simple and a great excuse to get acquainted with some of the best and most unique brands in the industry. Truth is, there are so many brands that we already use without realising that they’re already vegan/ cruelty-free. *To reduce waste, of course finish using up any pre-existing products.* Sometimes it can take a little longer to find skincare products that are exactly suited to your skin but don’t be afraid to experiment- samples or travel sized mini’s are always great for this if you can get your hands on some, a great way to do this is by purchasing a beauty advent calendar where you can try out loads of different products all at once.

3.Maintain it & invest in a cruelty-free future

Once you’ve decided to make the switch, like myself, you’ll never look back and will continue to invest in brands that are more conscious about the welfare of animals and our planet in general. I never feel as though I’m missing out because all the brands I use, I’ve found to be of a better quality than previous non-cruelty-free versions. It’s a win, win!


More and more brands are now gaining their cruelty-free ‘leaping bunny’ status and this is because we, as consumers, have begun experimenting and switching up our products. It’s so easy now-a-days to make that transition to a totally cruelty-free makeup bag. Some great brands who are both vegan and cruelty-free include: Urban Decay, Tarte, Too Faced, Kat VonD Beauty,  Neals Yard, Milani… the list goes on, see my list of favourites here! BeautyBay have an entire section dedicated to cruelty-free and vegan brands- shop it here!

If you do decide to go cruelty-free or have any questions then please let me know, you can find me on instagram @lifestyleev.blog , look forward to hearing from you!


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