EDEN Vegan Perfumes

I’ve been wanting to head into one of Brighton’s EDEN vegan perfume stores since they opened a few years ago, but a struggle with social anxiety can mean that I find venturing into new places pretty daunting. I eventually plucked up the courage and headed in, and I’m so glad I did!

I am the biggest fragrance fan, but have been yet to find a cruelty-free alternative to my one true love YSL- Black Opium. Converting totally to cruelty-free beauty can sometimes be a longer process than  originally anticipated because it’s not always as easy to find alternatives to the big brand go-to’s that we once used and loved. EDEN offer to match your favourite designer scent so I chose the scent ‘443’ which I was advised is probably the closet to my previous perfume, which I’ve also now learnt is somewhat of a dupe for the Carolina Herrera ‘Good Girl’ Eau De Parfum. I’d say I’m pretty fussy when it comes to fragrance because I can’t bare anything overly floral or sweet, but enjoy it to a moderate degree, with the right combination, in the right balance and also like more neutral, earthy, dare I use the word masculine tones too.



Scent ‘443‘ is a very feminine, floral scent without being at all overpowering (as some floral scents can be) and is described on their site as “a sweet vanilla powdery floral, with warm cocoa on the base, a little bit fresh and spicy, very feminine and cozy…” – which I’d say is a pretty accurate summary. I would also say that it’s not strictly an Autumn/ Winter scent, it seems as though it could easily transition into a go-to fresh Spring/ Summer scent too because of the way in which the ingredients have been blended and combined- it just smells so expensive! This 100ml bottle came in at about £28 which is a third of what I’d be paying for Black Opium, so I’m not only saving the planet (because they offer refills in the glass bottles) but also a pretty decent amount of money too!

I have had so many compliments on this scent and have been encouraging people to head in and try it out and I’m sure I’ll be heading back for more myself- it’s one of those stores where you can just pop in and see what scent takes your fancy on the day- especially because it’s so affordable! The beauty is that they’re of course cruelty-free, vegan and are one of the amazing brands who also take into consideration the welfare of our planet with their refills and PAPER packaging! I would definitely love to see more brands like this!

As always, let me know of any other lovely cruelty-free brands either down below or over on my Instagram @lifestyleev.blog!


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