Dark Magic Halloween Tutorial


I am the type of person who absolutely loves the oppourtunity to create artsy looks, it’s just a shame that Halloween only comes round once a year. Maybe next year I’ll milk it and create 4 or 5 looks leading up to the day itself, either way, this year I really enjoyed creating this dark, mystical unicorn inspired look. My look was inspired by the headband I found at H&M, and although I was unsure of what kind of feel I wanted to capture with the makeup, I knew I’d just ordered the Stacie Marie x BPerfect Cosmetics highly-hyped Carnival palette- featuring an array of beautiful bright pigmented shades- and  so I thought this would be the perfect (no pun intended) opportunity to test out the palette as well as creating my look for Halloween. Spoiler: the palette is bloody amazing. Available at BeautyBay too.

I’d Googled ‘Unicorn Makeup’ and to be totally honest the responses were somewhat underwhelming because unless you have an array of pastel face paints it’s not the easiest of looks to re-create, and even so, it never looks as good unless you have the polished pastel hair to accompany the whole dancing through a cloud of magic vibe. I clearly do not have said pastel hair at my disposal and let’s be honest- I didn’t want to buy a wig. Maybe next year? All I knew was that I was going to use this incredible new palette and winged it from that moment on.


I used a combination of pinks (‘Liquor’ ,’Wifey’, ‘Guilty’), on top of a transitioning brown crease (‘Naked’, ‘Rowdy’) from which I blended oranges (‘Lit’, ‘Basic’, ‘Hush’) and yellows (‘Shuffle’, ‘Keen’) inwards towards the inner corner to create a kind of Halloween sunset colour way. I took these same shades downwards onto the lower lash line with the BPerfect Cosmetics Khol Black Liner in the waterline too. I added la little (a lot) of the shimmer shade ‘Moony’ to the brow bone and inner corner for that iridescent stardust glow. A swipe of my usual NYX Epic Ink liner on the lid as well as a pair of the GWA ‘Natural’ lashes and a touch of ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara and my eyes were good to go.


On top of my usual contour I took the pink shades ‘Wifey’ and ‘Guilty’ into the hollows of my cheeks, down the bridge and the tip of the nose as well as across the hairline for a little more of that pink unicorn radiance as well as a little of the oranges and yellows too. I didn’t build up this coloured contour too much but with this palette, the pigments really have the potential to be massively built up as well as being very pigmented after just one swipe too. I will create another post based solely upon the Carnival palette itself because the scope for looks is absolutely endless with the variety and quality of the shades (it also features two highlighters which I haven’t tried yet.)


On my lips I wore the very dark purple shade of my favourite NYX Liquid Suede Lipstick this time in shade ‘Oh Put It On’ with a touch of the pink shade ‘Life’s A Beach’ in the centre to create a deep purple-toned ombre. I then used a little of the NYX Glitter Primer in the centre of the lip to add a few touches of the be-dazzling and amazing Eco Stardust bio-degradable glitter in the shade Raspberry Ripple. This glitter is incredible and it’s brands like this who combine lovely product with a love for the planet too, that we should all be supporting. I ordered 3 sample sized bags of different shades  because I knew I wouldn’t be needing too much but I will absolutely be purchasing from this brand again; Pride, Halloween, Christmas or for those people who I know wear glitter on a daily basis with no excuse needed- this is the brand to go for.


I used my daily dose of the Jeffree Star Cosmetics 24 Karat highlight palette in various shades on the brow and cheek bones as well as on my Cupid’s bow, down the bridge and on the tip of the nose. On top of which I added two of the most BLINDING highlights in the game- which can be found in the It’s My Raye Raye x BHCosmetics palette– people need to be talking about this palette more- it’s great and so affordable. To bring everything together I used my daily NYX Matte Setting Spray. I placed these stunning iridescent unicorn set of gemstones by The Gypsy Shrine, and. Oh. My. Did they bring the look together. I was honestly in a bit of a rush to photograph this look before I lost all daylight (darn winter months) and if I’d have had more time I would have used all the gems in the pack, but I will probably re-use this at another stage too- save the planet and all. They come in pre-made formations but of course, as I did, you can break them up to create your desired effect. These really were the cherry on of the cake for this look.


As always everything used is Cruelty-Free so please invest more in these brands! I Hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe Halloween, I’m already looking forward to next year!



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